The Film that Captures the Cruelty of Immigrant Detention in the US

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The Film that Captures the Cruelty of Immigrant Detention in the US

Irwin County Detention Center, a privately run facility in Ocilla, Georgia, became notorious in 2020 for some of the most egregious recent abuses waged by the U.S. government against migrants. Extreme medical negligence — including exposing detainees to Covid and ignoring obvious signs of outbreaks — was an early notion that something terrible was going on inside. Reporter Seth Freed Wessler produced the documentary The Facility based on his reporting for The New York Times Magazine, and relying on video-conference recordings of the chilling direct testimony of Nilson Barahona and Andrea Manrique, two migrants interned at Irwin for months at the start of the pandemic. Field of Vision has partnered with El Faro and Time Magazine to make this searing documentary available to the public in both English and Spanish.

Seth Freed Wessler

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Field of Vision - The Facility from Field of Vision on Vimeo.

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